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Our services and prices


Anti-plagiarism system for universities, publishing houses and other organizations

- PRICE PER ACCOUNT (€ 0.50-€ 2) *

Prices for each country are spcified in local currency and are reflected in the contracts.
* the price depends on the number of accounts and the term of the contract, repeated verification of the same document is impossible, but allows an unlimited verification of documents of the same author
** The price depends on the size of the document and the term of the contract, it is possible to re-check the document any number of times and no more than 1000 pages each
*** verification of documents at lower prices on the proposed packages. You can familiarize yourself with the verifiction packages by contacting us.

The system allows you to check doctoral, PhD and master's theses, bachelor's works, monographs, textbooks, scientific articles, scientific journals, assigments etc in all languages ​​because of the extensive database collected in close cooperation with the partner universities of the company in our database over the past 30 years.


Anti-plagiarism system for authors, students, scientists and writers

Register on our website and purchase checks in the form of Tokens. Use various payment systems, pay in national currencies, such as USD, EUR, PLN, UAH, KZT, AZN, RUB etc. in PayPal, Dotpay,,, Millikart or in cash. Acquisition of checks in cash is possible only in RK and Ukraine via cash terminals.
1 Token allows you to check 20 000 characters and costs € 2.09, $ 2.35 or in it's equivalent available at your system's account. You can purchase an unlimited number of Tokens. To check the documents you need to follow a few simple steps:
- upload your documents,
- the system will calculate how many number of Tokens to be purchased to check All documents,
- purchase Tokens and choose which document to be checked.
or purchase Tokens prior to uploading documents to keep them at the balance for further use.

Please, note, Tokens have expiry date - 6 months. 
Individual verification implies anonymity. This means that all the documents and the similarity report loaded into the system will not be saved in the database and will not be accessible to anyone except the author.
Institutions are also encouraged to purchase Tokens. Payment systems are supported by Visa, MasterCard etc. 
Database and personal data management is implemented in strict accordance with the requirements of the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation.


Consulting of authors, teachers, students, organizations

Many authors are confronted with questions, whether the found text fragment is plagiarism, how correctly quote the text, how properly reflect them in the bibliography, about existing requirements for the level of borrowing in the academic texts, the consequences of plagiarism, methods of prevention.

Using the experience of universities of EU, we consult Ministries and other organizations of education and science on a wide range of issues related to academic plagiarism.

We consult authors and students, showing errors and plagiarism in their texts and ways of correction and prevention. 
Our specialists can also conduct video or on site trainings on the methodology for evaluation of scientific and student papers, on the requirements of the legislation of different countries, on preventing plagiarism before paper is published in the SCOUPS, WEB of SCIENCE databases, etc. for groups of teachers, scientists, students and other authors. 
This service is paid. The service for authors and students is completely anonymous.
Some tips on preventing plagiarism, the proper use of open sources can be found here.


This Similarity Report is an example of the Reports generated at the Corporate account only!

Two Similarity Coefficients are showing how many phrases were found and indicates them as the borrowings. The First Similarity Coefficient (SC1) shows results of search based on 4 words sequence, the Second Similarity Coefficient (SC2) indicates phrases with a sequence of 25 words which is a subject to change by Admin. In addition, the Report shows such attemts of text manipulation as Replacement of letter from different alphabet (Alert), Spreads, Micro spaces, White characters. This manipulations are popular to trick with a system increasing "originality" of the text. During uploading the documents for verification user can choose mass import or one by one. 


The Similarity Report for Individual accounts indicates only Internet sources as no documents checked at the Individual account is archived at the database of the system.

All found borrowings are distributed in the groups and numerated. For example, sources from Institutional (local) database, RefBooks, Internet etc. The fragments found in the Institutional database are marked in red. Those fragments found in the Internet open sources are marked in green. Once you click on the fragment, the hyperlink will direct to the source, webpage or PDF document, highlighting the fragment at the document for comfortable navigation.
The system differs quotes from the rest of the text and is able to skip bibliography if needful. Skipped URLs are listed at the report as well.