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May 2023 team took part the international day of intellectual property in Sofia

"The 11th Annual international conference dedicated to the international day of intellectual property took place in the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 26th April 2023. The conference was held under the motto “Intellectual property and academic ethics at universities”.
As a sole nationwide licensed provider of a software solution for plagiarism detection, StrikePlagiarism Bulgaria was among the central guests of the event.
Our colleague, Donika Gavova, was invited to present a research paper on “Technology as a Tool for Intellectual Property Protection in an Academic Environment” which touched on current topics such as methods for plagiarism detection and prevention, academic integrity, university procedures and general legal frame, regulating the authorship verification process that is to be implemented in educational institutions."

May 2023

Workshop in Lviv

The Warsaw office staff of held an offsite workshop for the leadership of Ukrainian universities in Lviv. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize Ukrainian universities that are introducing more and more tools to improve the quality of education and academic integrity in their academic process as part of further integration with EU standards. The event was attended by 31 academic staff. Our team has introduced new integration options with LMSs, such as Moodle, OJS. There was an exchange of views on the tools needed to prevent the use of ChatGPT for fraudulent purposes. We presented our technical solution.

May 2023

Integration opportunities offered by Revisely (Holland) and Revisely strengthen cooperation! Combined resources help educators and students get a more accurate report on possible made mistakes made by students on their Assignments. Revisely recently launched a ChatGPT prevention tool that educators expected, this tool will help users of to be more protected from AI-plagiarism.

May 2023 takes part in XII MoodleMoot Poland!

We are pleased to announce that we have become a sponsor of the 12th MoodleMoot, which will take place on June 12-13, 2023. During our lecture, we will consider how the development of technology has influenced the way the current young generation learns and how to avoid the need to learn. We will talk about the differences between generations and about the perception of intellectual property and academic integrity by young people.

June 2023 attended a MoodleMoot in Manila, the Philippines as a Gold Sponsor.

We were delighted to join on Moodlemoot Philippines 2023, the premier conference for Moodle enthusiast as our Gold Sponsor.

A MoodleMoot is a conference dedicated to users, developers and administrators of the very popular open source learning management system called Moodle. At a Moodlemoot, we took part in workshops, presentations and forums, covering all aspects of integrating and using Moodle effectively in a learning environment. We presented our AI content search module and new technologies in detection of academic plagiarism.
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September 2023

Implementing AI detection into API

Recently, we have introduced an AI content detection in the API, which allows to check for AI content on third-party services, including Moodle, Brightspace, Canvas, OJS, and so on.

We have also added to the API the service of checking documents for translated plagiarism, which allows to verify texts for translated plagiarism in more than 30 languages.

October 2023 is the winner of the tender in Spain was chosen as the best anti-plagiarism system by the University of Valencia, thereby emphasizing the high standards and quality of service.

From now on, teachers and students of the University of Valencia will be able to use the anti-plagiarism system to check all types of documents for plagiarism. We are very excited about this opportunity. The system will be used for the next three years. 

November 2023 is the winner of the tender in Estonia

Our company won an international tender to provide an anti-plagiarism system for all Estonian universities. The tender was announced by the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia.

Estonian universities will be able to use the service to check all types of work for plagiarism, as well as for the presence of AI-generated content.

November 2023 starts cooperation with the British Council

We are pleased to announce that our company won an international tender and became a provider of the British Council UK for an anti-plagiarism system. Our team is glad to start cooperation and we hope that our technologies, including the AI content search module, will contribute and benefit in the best way the activities of the British Council!

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