Prices for individual accounts

Register on our website and purchase checks in the form of Tokens. Use various payment systems, such as USD, EUR, PLN and other currencies via PayPal, Dotpay.

To verify documents, you need to purchase the appropriate number of Tokens. 1 Token allows you to verify 18,000 characters and costs 2.5 EUR, 3 USD or the equivalent currency available in your system account. You can purchase an unlimited number of Tokens. So, as soon as you upload a document, the system will calculate the required number of Tokens for a specific document.

To verify documents you need to follow a few simple steps:

- upload your documents,

- the system will calculate how many Tokens need to be purchased to verify all documents,

- if necessary, select additional options (which will increase the final price),

- purchase Tokens and choose which document to check.

As a second option, you can purchase Tokens before downloading documents to store them in your balance for later use.

Please note that Tokens are valid for 6 months.

Individual verification implies anonymity. This means that all documents and similarity reports uploaded to the system will not be stored in the database and will not be available to anyone other than the author. 

Institutions such as publishing houses or schools are also encouraged to purchase Tokens. Payment systems are supported by Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Databases and personal data are managed in strict accordance with the requirements of the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation.

Follow three steps to start using the system:


Upload your document

Drop your document to the landing page


Choose additional options

the number of required Tokens will be calculated by system


Check and get Similarity Report

Similarity Report is available at the "Documents" console

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